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Hi Club was established to enable our club members to use the apartments in the most prestigious locations. We have targeted the highest apartment buildings in Warsaw and we are planning to open up other, equally interesting properties. As part of the selected package, you will be able to book a stay in each of these places and use all available amenities. Now you can live in one of the two available apartment buildings.

Are you a car fan? For each club member, we have provided the possibility of using interesting cars: Lamborghini, Porsche or Mercedes-AMG. The fleet of available vehicles is constantly growing and provides great emotions. You can use the vehicles on individual terms that are not offered by any rental company. We guarantee an unforgettable driving experience with interesting cars.

Feel how the elite of Warsaw live and live with the best view in Central and Eastern Europe. Contact us if you want to become part of our club and live in the best locations.
















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11 900 PLN

2500 EUR

2600 USD

Silver HiClub club member card
1650 PLN / day

  • Package for a week (7 days)
  • Club car driving -20%
  • Concierge service
  • Access to the newsgroup
  • Personal club member’s certificate



6490 PLN

1390 EUR

1490 USD450 USD

Gold HiClub club member card
2140 PLN / day

  • Weekend package (3 days)
  • Club car driving -20%
  • Concierge service
  • Access to the newsgroup
  • Personal club member’s certificate



24 590 PLN

5090 EUR

5290 USD

Black HiClub member card
810 PLN / day

  • Package for 7 days in the apartment
  • Driving in club cars -35%
  • Concierge service
  • Access to the newsgroup
  • Personal club member’s certificate

sports cars

available for clubbers

One of the perks of joining our club is the ability to use interesting cars. You can rent cars available in our partners’ car rentals, taking advantage of the discounts and additional advantages negotiated by us. The verification process has been kept to a minimum due to the membership in our club.

The main advantage of using the club fleet is a discount of 20% to 35% on the entire price list. No one else offers such conditions for renting the best cars. Decide for yourself what car you want to drive today. Contact us for details and currently available cars.



Feel how the elite of Warsaw live and live with the best view in Central and Eastern Europe. Each club card holder has the right to book a stay in one of the apartments in the buildings on ul. Złota or ul. Twarda in Warsaw. These are the most desirable addresses in Poland. Choose which building is more interesting for you, or book a stay in both apartment buildings. According to the package you have, you can stay and use the entire infrastructure of the building. You will not incur any additional costs. You can live during the week or for the entire weekend. Make yourself at home and take advantage of all the advantages of the best apartment buildings in Poland.


We have prepared a personal membership certificate for each club member. Such a document is a commemorative and will allow you to think back to the exciting moments that you will experience with us. Each certificate contains the name and surname or the name of the club member.


We want each of you to feel special by taking part in our project. Therefore, each club member will be able to use the services of our Concierge. We will organize and deliver tickets for a concert, match or performance, flowers, shopping and much more to the address indicated. We will organize transport for you, rest in a selected place in the world or we will make a reservation in a selected restaurant, sports club, business center, vehicle service station. You can count on us.


We have created a closed discussion group for all club members. You are under no obligation to join it. We hope that such a solution will encourage mutual contact and the development of our club. In this way, we create our community and we will also contribute to the establishment of interesting social and business contacts, which will translate into a number of other benefits for all members of the group.


We have prepared a membership card for each club member. In accordance with the purchased package, we will place a card in your hands in silver, gold or black. An individual number and assigned password will allow you to make a reservation on our website and take full advantage of membership in the club. In the future, upon presentation of our cards, you will be able to receive discounts in partner programs.


We carefully select apartments that we make available to club members. They must be locations that, due to their specificity, are unavailable to a wider group, which makes it possible to implement our offer in a unique way. It is important that the investments we choose are excluded from the possibility of short-term rental and no one is able to offer a classic one-night stay.

Each of the available apartment buildings has special amenities for residents, such as: conference rooms, sauna zones, swimming pools, jacuzzi, gyms and cinema rooms.

Check available locations:


The apartment building at ul. Złota in Warsaw is the address that puts the best things in the city’s life at your fingertips. The area is full of luxury shops of famous brands, the best restaurants, five-star hotels. Wonderful monuments, the most interesting events and the most important cultural institutions. A flat on Złota is an amazing time saver. To experience what the beating heart of the capital has to offer, just take the elevator and go downstairs! In addition, right next to it is the most important communication point in the country – the Central Railway Station, which provides quick access by rail to the main Polish cities and both airports serving Warsaw. The main communication arteries of the city, which run nearby, are also a great help.

The tallest residential skyscraper in the European Union, a symbol of success and dynamic development in contemporary Warsaw. Modernity at its best – This property takes the concept of luxury apartments to a new level. Thanks to numerous amenities offered on an unprecedented scale, this building is the undisputed leader in the premium segment. Residents have at their disposal an entire floor of private attractions – as much as 1,400 m2 of relaxation and luxury zone, which no other location can boast of. Our own cinema room offers the possibility of organizing closed screenings or… virtual golf tournaments. Active people will find themselves in a well-equipped gym / fitness club. The youngest were also taken care of – there is a playroom at their disposal. Apart from the possibility of relaxation, the comfort of work is equally important. The common floor overlooking the city is an impressive meeting place, and two conference rooms allow you to book hours just for yourself, as well as organize a multimedia presentation. The icing on the cake is the spectacularly illuminated swimming pool in Poland, the largest in an apartment building. Right next to it you will find a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, and a unique outdoor jacuzzi (overlooking the Palace of Culture) that works at any time of the year. The whole thing is completed by a large observation deck with sun loungers.



Investment at ul. Twarda is a 44-storey prestigious apartment building with a height of 160 m, offering 236 finished and equipped apartments. Unusual solutions for residential high-rise buildings are openable windows in each room, as well as bay windows extending beyond the outline of the building’s body, which increase the field of view of apartment residents. On the ground floor of the building, there are unique culinary concepts opening the building to the city, its inhabitants and tourists.

The completely glazed facade provides an amazing view of the panorama of Warsaw. First of all, the center and the Palace of Culture and Science, as well as the business city with office buildings around Rondo ONZ and ul. Emilii Plater. But also to the Saxon Garden, the Old Town, and from the north – Żoliborz. From the windows of our skyscraper you can also admire the National Stadium and the bends of the Vistula.

For the comfort of residents, a relaxation zone has been located on the 4th floor, available only to apartment owners. It consists of a fitness club with a gym, massage room, dry and wet saunas, jacuzzi and club rooms. There is also a landscaped terrace with a view of Grzybowski Square, Emilii Plater Street and the Synagogue. Nożyków.




Always be in the center of events and under the care of our Concierge. It is a unique service, also provided in English, which will allow you to save time that you would spend on dealing with everyday matters as well as organizing your free time. Regardless of the purchased package, it is available without restrictions and limits for every member of the Club Member’s Card. Thanks to this service, you get an unlimited number of inquiries per month and the ability to organize your classes.

Our Concierge is always for you

Technical problems at home or in the car? Just call and our experienced specialists will advise on how to best remove the failure as soon as possible. We will organize roadside assistance, find a repair workshop or car rental. If the need arises, we will arrange our client with the appropriate specialist and payment for the service can be made by credit card over the phone.

Our Concierge will always help and provide you with information when you need help in such matters as transport, entertainment, concerts, healthcare, sporting events, travel, gastronomy and flowers. We will help you move from points A to B in a comfortable way. We’ll make sure you get to the right medical facility. We’ll tell you where to go when you feel like going to the cinema, theater, concert or partying in the club. Let’s show you the addresses of the nearest gym or fitness center in the city. You can book flight, bus or train tickets for us. We will reserve a table in the best restaurant according to your expectations, or we will deliver flowers to the indicated address. You can ask our Concierge directly about everything.

The costs of the above services and their organization are borne by the client, which is why the consultant always presents them for authorization before performing the given service.

Frequently asked questions

No. There is no obligation to pay the registration fee or any other additional fees at the moment.

How many apartments are available?

Yes. We provide photos of the interiors to all club members whose application has been approved. You don't need to pay any fee. We do not share photos with people who do not belong to the club. Select the package of stay you are interested in and send your application.

The apartments are available on a regular basis. Contact us to check if a suitable date is available for you. We will try to meet your expectations.

No. We do not provide apartments for one day. To join the club, you need to buy one of the packages described on the website. Staying in the apartment is possible for the weekend and for 5 or 7 days, without the possibility of dividing into smaller reservations.

The day in the apartment is from 15:00 on the day of arrival to 12:00 on the day of departure.

The apartment can be booked at any time. The condition for making a reservation is submitting an application to join the club and its positive consideration and selecting a specific package. Please contact us by phone or email to start the process.

Reservation of the apartment should be made by contacting our Concierge or Member's Panel. You will receive contact details after your application to join the club has been approved and you submit your first card.

The process of joining the club and making decisions takes no more than 3 days. Most of the applications are processed within 24 hours from the moment of sending the necessary information. Please contact us by phone or email to start the process.

No, there is no such need. We handle all formalities remotely, by telephone and e-mail.

Yes. Each of the investments in which we provide apartments has special amenities for residents, such as: conference rooms, sauna zones, swimming pools, jacuzzi, gyms and cinema rooms.

No. It is not possible to organize any parties, birthdays or events, both in the apartment and in the common areas.

Yes, you can buy any number of packages that suit you. Choose packages depending on whether you want to book a stay during the week or on weekends.

Yes, you can designate another person to use your stay in the apartment. In that case, please contact us and let us know.

A maximum of two adults can stay in the apartment. There is a bedroom with one king-size bed. It can be separated into two separate beds.

Member Panel is a module on our website available under the "Login" button. Only active club members have access. After purchasing the selected package, you will receive a login and password to log in from us. In the Panel you can: book a stay in the apartment, book a ride with any car and contact the Concierge.

We send club cards within 7 days from the moment of paying for the selected package. During this time, we must order and personalize it according to your data.

Yes. We are constantly working on expanding our offer and making apartments available to our club members in other locations.

Both a natural person and a legal entity can become a club member.




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